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This blog chronicles the joys and challenges of an entrepreneur’s journey with tips on staying focused to achieve your dream life.

How Do I Do This?

As we approach the end of another year, a lot of us are in reflection mode. Our minds are full of questions swirling around what we did, didn’t do, should

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What Is Your Plan?

Here we are. With less than one week left this year, many of us are still wondering what next year will look like. How much longer will we be in

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The Power of the Purge

It is now 2022, and one of the rituals I spent the last few days of 2021 doing was removing things in my personal space that no longer serve me

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Staying On Track

Focus. That is my word for 2022.  With all the things planned for this year as well as the unexpected curveballs that seem to be thrown our way from time

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Ready To Be Uncaged

Ready to Be UNCAGED? When I first wanted to start my own company, I had no clear idea of what services or goods I wanted to provide. All I knew

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