Staying On Track


That is my word for 2022. 

With all the things planned for this year as well as the unexpected curveballs that seem to be thrown our way from time to time, it can be easy to slide off course. After all, life as you had known it no longer exists. You have had to learn new ways of doing things. You have had to adapt and adjust our behaviors to keep stress levels down while juggling more roles and responsibilities than you have ever had before.

That can be enough to discourage a person from staying on track.

Discouragement can lead to deferment.

But does it have to?

Discouragement is simply a loss of confidence in what you, at one time, believed you could do.

When you feel discouraged, remember the vision. The vision that excited you about what is possible. That is where your focus should lie.

Focus helps set aside time to think about the best actions you should take.

Focus helps you be productive and get things done.

Focus keeps you on track when you slide a little to the left or the right.

One of the most powerful ways to keep yourself focused is to write things down. It may be simply a word that you tape to your bathroom mirror. Or it may be a quote that you keep on your desk or your smartphone. However you decide you remind yourself of your vision, make sure you look at it every single day.

Your vision will keep you encouraged and focused on making it a reality.

Focus. That is my word for this year.

What’s yours?

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